Batman : Killing Joke (DELUXE) (English)

Batman : Killing Joke (DELUXE) (English)

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Batman : Killing Joke (DELUXE) (English) - Details

Batman : Killing Joke, Joker is the man whom we all love to hate. His insanity is what makes you wonder whether it is contagious. In Batman : The Killing Joke, the Joker tries to manipulate and push people to the brim in hope that they’ll turn insane.

Joker’s insanity has human perseverance are revealed in The Batman : The Killing Joke. Joker believes that any human being when pushed beyond a certain point can go mad, which is what he tries to do with Commissioner Gordon. The joker kidnaps Gordon before which he shoots and paralyzes his daughter Barbara. Joker tries to attack the commissioner’s mind and drive him to the point of going insane.

Gordon doesn’t fall for Joker’s plot and maintains his composure with the help of Batman in order to beat the crazy man. About Alan Moore Alan Moore is an English author and is famous for his comic books work. He has penned down books like Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance, Promethea - Book 02 of the Groundbreaking New Series and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III: Century #3 2009.

Batman : Killing Joke (DELUXE) (English) - Detailed Information

Specifications of Batman: Killing Joke (DELUXE) (English) (Hardcover)

Book Details
Publisher DC Comics
ISBN-10 1401216676
Edition Deluxe
Imprint DC Comics
Number of Pages 64 Pages
Publication Year 2008 March
Language English
ISBN-13 9781401216672
Binding Hardcover
Weight 0.92 Pounds (US)
Height 11.14 Inches (US)
Width 0.45 Inches (US)
Depth 0.51
Author Alan Moore Brian Bolland

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