V for Vendetta New (New Edition TPB) (English)

V for Vendetta New (New Edition TPB) (English)

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V for Vendetta New (New Edition TPB) (English) - Details

V for Vendetta New, Voila! Here is a story of a vaudevillian veteran, whom fate casts vicariously as both victim and villain, and whom you can call, V!

The graphic novel that inspired the super-hit movie, V for Vendetta, is a commanding story about loss of freedom and individuality. It is set in a futuristic totalitarian England - then a country with no political or personal freedom, and without any little faith in anything. The world is left aghast by nuclear war, and what was not blown up, was either wracked down by floods or crop failures.

Out of the all the chaos and anarchy, there rises a man donning a Guy Fawkes mask to challenge the ruling party through his melodramatic acts of vandalism and violence. V, as he calls himself, is a man whose mission is violence, but inspiring, as he tries to bring down the government and make people see logic and sense in governing themselves.

V for Vendetta is the ground-breaking graphic novel that defined sophisticated storytelling. Alan Moore's best-selling story is a brilliant depiction of totalitarianism and resistance, superbly illustrated by the renowned artist, David Lloyd. It's an enthralling tale of the hazy lines between ideological good and evil.

About Alan Moore, Alan Moore is an English comic book writer. Apart from V for Vendetta, he is best known for Watchmen, From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke, and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? He is also known for creating the character Swamp Thing. The current title was made into a 2005 hit movie starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. About David Lloyd David Lloyd is a British comic artist. He started working for a number of Marvel UK titles, and with Steve Parkhouse, he created the pulp adventure character, Night Raven. Some of the other titles Lloyd has worked on are Hulk, Doctor Who, Time Bandits, Slaine, and The Territory.

V for Vendetta New (New Edition TPB) (English) - Detailed Information

Specifications of V for Vendetta New (New Edition TPB) (English) (Paperback)

Book Details
Publisher DC Comics
ISBN-10 140120841X
Edition New ed
Imprint Vertigo
Number of Pages 296 Pages
Publication Year 2008 October
Language English
ISBN-13 9781401208417
Binding Paperback
Weight 0.9 Pounds (US)
Height 10.17 Inches (US)
Width 0.65 Inches (US)
Depth 0.74
Author Alan Moore David Lloyd

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